Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Hearth

Ok, so it's more of a holiday mantel as our 2" wood hearth hardly qualifies.  I've always been drawn to cranberry and silver in my holiday decor but was forced away from it by oak beyond my control for a couple of years in our last home.

This year it's back and better than ever, and nearly every piece of decor is from the Crate and Barrel after Christmas sale over the last ten years or so.
The stockings are from Pottery Barn and are still available in the same style.
This year the pine boughs were free at Lowe's but they are SO SO dry.  We have delayed getting our tree because of the dryness and the already sad state of my natural wreath and boughs.  I soaked them overnight in the tub in lukewarm water as this helps them get one last drink before drying out, but our arid climate, altitude and current drought are just too much.  I may end up modifying the mantel before the new year to relieve us of the dropping needles.

The pallet box makes it's Christmas debut.

Although it's no longer available at C&B, I did notice similar garland at Tarjay this year.


What are your favorite color combos in holiday decor?  And what's your "can't-miss" store for after-holiday decor bargains?


  1. oh my goodness; it's beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous! Also:
    1) Your trials and tribulations with real make me kinda happy I have faux.
    2) PLEASE shop the C&B sale for me this year if you go. You know my style and I have an unlimited budget (you know, since I haven't bought new holiday decor in 15 years). Totes serious.