Monday, December 24, 2012

outdoor decor

With a new home for the holidays we had blank slate for holiday decor.  We also had the new challenge of brick to hang everything from.  We are learning a lot with each project.  This one also required my husband to install an outlet in the roof of the porch as our nearly 90 year old home has no exterior outlets-yep, not one!!
We had a lot of fun decorating over Thanksgiving weekend during unseasonably warm temps.  I think next year we may take advantage of our fun roof line with some white lights but we were happy with our inaugural display.  Merry Christmas!

The smell of the fresh wreath greeting us and guests with each entrance has been magical.  I used the same Crate and Barrel pine cone ornaments the are in the pallet box and on the mantel to help tie the decor together.  Finding a wired gross-grain ribbon in the perfect cranberry color proved impossible so our bow is a relaxed one.

We needed more garland here than in our previous home and can't find a match so I tied the two together by borrowing decor from one and moving it and adding cranberries and pine cones to both.


  1. Come decorate my home.. PLEASE?! :) love all the decor - inside + out!

  2. Absolutely breath-taking. You have such a great eye, my friend. :)