Sunday, February 24, 2013

art project

I'm not sure if family portraiture counts as art but choosing and arranging pictures for a new canvas gallery in our basement family room is about as fun as domestic projects get.  As soon as we got our pictures back from the photographer last fall,  my head started spinning about a way to utilize this space to display the pics.  The ceiling is low above this table so choosing wall decor was a little tricky.

A holiday gift I received quickly revealed the sizes and spacing I would use, so I just had to choose photos............

The worded canvas was the gift and I love how the orange LOVE ties in with the orange crest in Ben's sweater and the leaves in the bottom photo.

I can't stop smiling each time I walk into this room.   The platter in the center of the table was one we purchased in Panama at a friend's wedding and I love it's new home and how the colors work here.  There are hints of orange in the coffee table tiles in this room and gray and white floor pillows so it all works together really well.

*I need to make a note about these canvases.  I ordered them through the photographer that took these photos and they were somewhat more expensive than canvases I had ordered in the past.  They were worth every penny!! The quality was incredible and like nothing I've seen on a canvas before.  I would highly recommend seeking out this high-quality printing and mounting if you are choosing canvases for your home that you think you'll display for an extended time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

forcing some green

Today is President's Day. February. Not. Spring.  I think the lack of green around is driving me extra crazy because so much more stayed green all winter (including our lawn) when we lived in Wichita.  Now that Heart Day has passed and I can take the hearts out of the pallet box, it's time to plant some herbs.  My Mom kindly dropped off some liner pots for me and a planting I will go.  

Upon starting this project I instantly thought that these pots would need some markers.  I also thought about how prominently they will be displayed in my kitchen (read: take up LOTS of counter space.)  So I jumped onto Pinterest and saw just how domestic diva-ly challenged I am.  I do not actually own a metal stamping set or have a supply of copper in my craft room as it seems many people must. 
Anyway, there are some really fun and beautiful seed markers available in the world.  I will post a few of my favorites today and in a few weeks when my seeds sprout, I will reveal whatever solution I come up with.  My hope is for somewhere in the middle of sharpie on popsicle sticks and hand stamped copper. :)

Herb Garden Markers / Plant Stakes - A Set of 3 ceramic garden markers 
These ones from Etsy are 3 for $21.

Customized Garden Markers, Hand Stamped Aluminum Herb Markers, Set of 8
These aluminum ones on Etsy are 8 for $32 and can be customized however you like.

DIY garden markers

Both of these are links to nowhere on Pinterest but both claim to have "easy" DIY tutorials.  I guess for people with kilns or metal shops they would be easy indeed!

Hand hammered garden markers. Copper keeps the slugs away.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When I asked some time ago about what to put in the pallet box to put it to use until spring, some friends had fantastic ideas.  I made these simple stitched and stuffed hearts and hope to make twice as many more for next year so the box is overflowing.  As my friend suspected, my son has a great time playing with them and we use them to practice colors, sorting, and frequently to employ his busy body while we finish grown-up dinner.  My son loves them so much he is napping with one right now!  
Making them was fun too and was a very relaxing evening activity. I used standard felt sheets as well as flannel and embroidery floss doubled up for a very thick stitch. A planned crafternoon to make a matching heart garland for the mantel didn't pan out but I have all the supplies ready to make it happen next year.

Monday, February 4, 2013

while paint dries.........

you can get SO much done!  It has been WAY too long since we've had a productive weekend around our house.  My anxiety level was very telling of just how long.  Between house-guests, out-of-town weddings and birthdays, the to-do list was only growing with no check-marks in sight.  When my husband walked in after work on Friday night talking to his Dad on the phone about the Tool Show I only cackled, "bwhahaha Bahahahah!" It was an evil cackle and my husband nodded having already told his Dad he couldn't go but letting me be the bad guy, and I was ok with that.  Sometimes there is lots of evil necessary for productivity.
The most exciting news is that our son's room is DONE!! Well, remember when I posted about a room never really being done? There is a looming book shelf dilemma but as soon as the 7th coat of paint dries and one little errand for one final item is complete, I will reveal our B's room #2.
While we were waiting for 7 coats of paint to dry we did get some other fun projects done..... 

In prepping for upcoming house-guests, I've been trying to go through a stack of frames and pictures that we don't have hung yet and have been storing in the guest room.  There were a set of three frames from our old powder room that I had been wanting to put in our main floor bathroom.  Although, they were at one time a gift to my husband with pictures from the day of our engagement, they weren't great pictures (taken in our point and shoot days,) and I never loved the frame/picture combo.  I printed some pictures we took on last summer's beach vacation and love how they turned out.  I also have one particular picture from our Europe vacation I'd like to put in the largest frame but I couldn't find inspiration for the others.  I do really like how the frames work with the colors in this space and  I think I'll be happy with these for a few months at least!

the pictures in our old powder room

these two hang on a large wall above the towel rack

the larger is now adjacent to the sink

We've had one other teeny tiny project on our to-do list for some time.  I spotted this one on Pinterest and a quick search for "mason jar soap dispenser," should yield several simple tutorials.   I just handed my husband the parts and said, "wouldn't this be a fun project with your drill press?" This antique aqua mason jar came from my Grandmother's house and this is the only one that came with a standard lid rather than the really-old glass lids.  We bought the pump dispenser at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.99.  I love the versatility of mason jars and especially love bringing small antique elements into our antique Tiny Tudor.

this towel shows the main colors in this bath

Our weekend even allowed for a little fun and I am certainly breathing a little easier.  My spring fever is still in full-force and I want to get lots done on our inside list so we can spend the spring and summer enjoying our yard and neighborhood with friends and family.