Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a front porch fit to WELCOME a bunny

Last weekend's near foot of snow is melting quickly but is a strong reminder of how much later spring comes here than the last few years in Kansas.  Last year at this time I had already gone back and returned from planting all the spring flowers and cleaning up the yard to help the house sell.  Here in D-town we don't dare plant a thing until early May at the earliEST.  We are hosting Easter brunch on Sunday and my pine-cone filled front porch lanterns were just not the Welcome I want to show my guests or Mr. E.B.
You might remember that last week when I planted my herbs I cleaned out my planters and started organizing in my head what might become of the front porch in terms of spring and summer planters.  I plan to save the modern planters for our more modern deck and utilize natural and older feeling and looking planters on the front porch to accentuate the age of the house.
I picked up a couple of gems on a visit to our local South Broadway antique row with my Mom yesterday and today was afforded the glorious gift of a napping two-year-old.

Welcome All! Welcome E.B.! Welcome Spring!

 A little wired gross-grain bow on my old wreath gives it new life.

I added some softly sparkled eggs and moss to my lanterns.  I'm still deciding whether they'll get sand for summer or just take their usual vacation to the garage.

See the tulips? :) and the snow. :(

This big Indian fire stick pot and the rectangular pot below were my antiquing finds.


  1. So glad you got in that antiquing trip! LOOOOVE those finds!

  2. I didn't know those were from your antiquing trip - awesome! You know how I feel abou that wreath :), but the bow does look lovely on it. And I totes vote for sand in the SUMMER (ah it will be here so soon!)

  3. Sand for summer, sand for summer! I love your rectangular planter find, and your entry looks so cute. I still haven't changed out my St. Patrick's Day door hanger. For shame, for shame. :)

  4. Very festive! I absolutely love that wreath. Is Molls implying she does not?!

    1. Molls strongly dislikes that wreath and actually I bought it to stage the Wichita house. It has broken twice now so it won't make it long :(.