Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marseille Basil and metering

I was delayed in my previously posted plan about herb planting by the need to use the pallet box for some party decor.
On the day I planned to plant this week the weather was gorgeous.....until I started planting and the rain and wind came.  I'm also convinced we can blame the more than foot of snow we have on the fact that I sorted and cleaned my flower pots for the front porch yesterday.

I did finally get the herbs planted and made quick and fun work of the markers.  I just did what came to me quickly as I really wanted this task off my list and I'm happy with how they turned out after 15 minutes and $0.

I ended up with two pots of cilantro, two of sweet basil and one each of Italian parsley and Marseille basil.

I also had some good practice with light metering to get these pics.  It's quite a challenge to take a picture facing a brightly lit window-especially when the room you are shooting from is quite dark.  I've been practicing metering lately and this was a perfect opportunity.

Here is what I mean............

I have the camera on aperture priority.  If you shoot into a bright window like this without metering, the camera automatically takes an average of the light which makes the dark areas extra dark.

Metering allows you to tell the camera which parts of your picture you want to be correctly lit and adjusts the light accordingly.  It's also great because you can avoid using the flash and washing out the whole picture and any definition by just taking advantage of the light you have.

So, by metering on the darker areas you get...............

........all with no flash.

These guys get lots of great light in this window and hopefully I can move them outside in a couple of months.  I'll keep you updated on their progress and I welcome any harvesting tips for longevity......hint, hint AB!


  1. What is holding the tags to the branches? The plant markers are adorable; my popsicle sticks are hanging their heads in shame. I'll send you some tips! :)

    1. Have I ever introduced you to my friend hot glue?

  2. It isn't every blog that you can get cute plant marker ideas along with great photography tips. ;) Thanks for the ideas on both!