Wednesday, April 10, 2013

party banners

Nothing makes a party complete, or a small soiree as fun and festive as a thoughtful party banner.  They can be made inexpensively and quickly but really provide a center-point for lots of events. I even have a re-usable fabric banner that works for lots of different themes.  I also enjoy taking the party theme one step further with creative backgrounds for the letters.  

I paid A LOT for my son's first birthday banner and have since decided I could certainly do them myself.  
I'm still very glad I spent the money on this but also glad to know that with a little time and effort I could recreate something similar.

There are lots of pre-made letter options available at craft and office supply stores in different fonts and sizes for $10 and under.  This can be the most challenging part of a banner and pre-made letters make this part quick and easy.

I recently made this for my husband's grandmother.  For about $30, I purchased all the paper, gross-grain ribbon and pre-cut letters and flowers, and completed it in less than 2 hours.
I had planned for the "We Love You" to hang underneath but it looked great on an adjacent wall.

This leaf banner was a great backdrop above the deck welcoming everyone to the backyard for my son's 2nd birthday bug party.

Onesie cut-outs are great for baby showers and gender reveal parties.  Letters, clothespins and rope make this one so cute and so easy.

We're planning a big backyard cook-out for Memorial Day.  Any ideas for that one?? Welcome Summer, perhaps? 


  1. I continue to say that you are the best hostess, by far, I have ever met. The "Welcome Summer" banner? With sun cut-outs and flags? :) I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

  2. And now I shall deem you 'THE Banner Queen.'