Wednesday, April 24, 2013

to every season....TURN! Turn already!!

Well I'm back at the Tiny Tudor after a nice reprieve in the desert and lots of things are happening here.  Another blogger I follow recently wrote that she can have only 2 of 3 of the following at any one time; happy kids, a clean house and an updated blog.  I know this blog, which is my second, is always first to be neglected but I do think I have my priorities straight.  Some of the happenings make me think this blog will be changing or maybe going away all together but I'm going to attempt to keep at it for now.  (and no, there are no additions to our family on the way ;))
How many times have I threatened to share Ben's finished room? I think we're up to 4 but I'm too wiped out today to edit and choose the final pics. 
I'm also very excited to share our new patio furniture but the chairs await assembly and the table is covered BY SNOW!
Spring has been slow to start in our neck of the woods but with mid-seventies on tap for this weekend I really really think we might now have seen the last snow.
Not unlike giving a mouse a cookie, if you give a girl a new patio table, she will want new outdoor serve wear.  I do think any additions in this department will come at the end of the season when they are on clearance, but it doesn't hurt to look, does it?
Here are some pieces and collections I love from around the interwebs.
I hope Spring has sprung where you are and I hope I get myself together enough to post some room reveals soon!! 

I really love Target's ikat collection and love the prices even more.
Threshold™ Ikat Dinnerware Collection - Warm

Pier 1's trellis collection has a great neutrality to me despite the single color.

This is Pottery Barn's Cabo collection and I love the versatility with the many colors.

This is Williams Sonoma's La Med melamine collection.  I think it's too cool with our likely cushions and all our red brick, but I love it.
La Med Melamine Platter


  1. Whaaa? ...going away all together?! Do tell.

    Looking forward to the upcoming posts and pics. I think the Pier 1 set above is my fave out of those choices. :)

  2. ^^ I second that. How am I supposed to know how far behind I am on style and home decor and all things domestic??? The Pier 1 set is also my fave, but I'm partial to green. :)