Monday, July 8, 2013

Ikea Latt Hack

Been a while, eh?  Did anyone besides my sister read the Mrs. Doubtfire into that HELLO??  Summer in the tudor has been delightful so far and thankfully having less to write about here means we have been enjoying our home and neighborhood and not doing much in the way of big projects or updates.

I should say that was all true until last night when my husband stayed up until midnight designing our new facade and interior floor plan for our one-day (in the distant future) expansion.  He was inspired by a house he saw this weekend and clearly had to put pencil to paper to get to sleep.  He did an amazing job and I was happily inspired but hopefully it can now be put to bed for a couple years until our bank account is as big as his design.

the inspiration

I have been up to one little, easy project I thought I'd share.  My son's speech therapist had been recommending a table and chair set-up for some of his therapy and I'd been uninspired by the readily available plastic or primary colored wood options for $60 and up.  I remembered the little Ikea pine table with a little price tag ($19) that would work great with our little space and got to work.

I didn't want to spend money on paint in case the table was little used but had just enough left from painting his room to spruce it up.  We also spent $5 on a polyurethane clear coat spray.

I painted the pieces before we put it together and prioritized based on the amount of each color I had left.  I didn't have much Citronella left but was happy with the splashes of brighter color and think any more would have been too much.

After two coats of each color that took many days of flipping and drying, my husband assembled the table.

I then touched up a few mistakes and rough spots before clear coating.  We taped off the table top and chair seats before applying the clear coat.  We let it dry for a couple of days and viola!!!!


I thought about using spray adhesive to add fabric to the chair seats but thought one splash of red paint or marker could ruin the whole table.  I think some little, washable, tie-on chair cushions would be really cute.  I have some perfect fabric and if I have any left from an upcoming project, I'll stitch some together and show you all how it turns out.

I also still might share where this paint all came from everywhere else in his room. ;) It keeps changing as we add and subtract pieces but I have plenty of pictures to share so you'd all get the idea.  Maybe someday...................

In the meantime my office/craft room is up next.  I'd LOVE to have a clean organized space by the time the cooler, craft-inspiring days of fall are upon us.  I have a plan and some great organizing pieces already purchased so now all I need is Time and Inspiration to get to work.  Let me know if you come across either of those on sale anywhere!


  1. Yes, this girl still says (and recognizes) a long, Mrs. Doubtfire hello! :)

    The table makeover is beyond fab. And to do it so inexpensively is equally fab. Well done.

  2. heeeellllooooooooo!!

    i wanna come help with the office/craft room! me! me! pick me!

  3. I love the table, and when your craft room is all spic and span, I'd like help with mine please! :)