Wednesday, May 29, 2013

new art

I've framed and placed a couple new art pieces in the last few weeks that I wanted to share.

The first is Ork poster's Denver screen print:

I'd been wanting this for some time and decided to bite the bullet so we'd have it for our big Memorial Day BBQ.  The poster was not expensive at $34 including shipping but framing an 18" square is NOT easy.  Thanks to a wonderful woman at Aaron Brothers who kept looking and looking, I was able to use a 20" square collage frame along with a custom mat and their Timeframe framing services for upgraded UV glass, etc.  It wasn't cheap but was a lot less than custom framing and allowed me to keep a square frame rather than the rectangular route I thought I'd be tied to.  Eventually the wall behind this will be much closer to the color of the mat.

Next, I hung my Mother's Day Gift, the Legacy of an Adopted Child print by Chloe Marty.  I'd been asking for this for almost two years and with some direction (multiple emails with exacting instructions,) my wonderful husband remembered it for Mother's Day.   I babysat an adopted kiddo when I was in high school and he had a similar sentiment hanging in the hall outside his room.  As young as 4 he would say, "that's the special story about how I'm adopted."  I hope that over the years my print is as meaningful for our family.

I had just started painting the adjacent bathroom and I love how the wall color there compliments this print as you open the door. 


  1. Great coloring with the Denver print. And you know how much I love that adoption print. It does coordinate perfectly now!