Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've been...........


our Memorial Day BBQ


both bathrooms

with Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

(here's a before)

(before & after)

(I love this color even more than I thought and it really makes the white wainscoting pOP and the wood look darker and cooler)

these on the front porch and some more in the back

there's the sand you all voted for

every morning I peek out to see if these pEONIES are closer to blooming


with Pinterest pROJECTS,


and my new pATIO furniture.

more pINWHEELS on my summer mantel


I've also been busy trying to help with the garden at my son's school, getting donations for a charity golf tournament to benefit a family grief center, and jumping through the city's hoops to put on a block party for our street in June.  So much for simplifying! Helping out always feels good when the helping is done though. :)


  1. pOSITIVELY pERFECT pINWHEELS! ...and everything else, of course. :) What are the wreath ones made out of??? The bathroom color is perfection. It reminds me of our main upstairs bathroom in Wichita. Were the towels the inspiration? I am drooling over the patio furniture and the fantastic cushion color/pattern. And I am completely bewildered how you find the time to do every other event/activity you mentioned. You go, Super Mama!!

    1. The wreath pinwheels are cardstock glued together to be two-sided and then cut into 5 in squares and formed. I can provide deets. Yes, that color totally reminded me of your bathroom-especially when I painted upstairs. I've had this color on my "like-list" for a while and yes, it happened to match the towels. :)

  2. oh my gosh - your domestic godess-ness is really intimidating me right now. when i'm done paying for grad school i'm putting you on staff :)