Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Printable

Last night was Halloween and we wanted to head out having fun and trick-or-treating with our little one, but wanted to leave candy out too.  I came across a great free printable to stick in the back of the bowl on our porch.  Our candy was gone by the time we got home and I'll never know if people were honest about taking just one or not but I sure wouldn't mess with Karma on a night like Halloween! There is a great blog post with a link to the free printable here.

I sadly didn't get a picture that does it justice,  but I also did a last minute cover for the little table we set our candy on.  I took a white kitchen trash bag and pulled it over the table and cut out black eyes and a mouth to make a ghost.  It was simple and took less than two minutes but really made the table and porch more fun for the little ghouls and goblins.

I hope your Halloween was a happy and safe one!


  1. This is cute, but I need one that says "Please take 3 giant handfuls." :) Good idea!

  2. This IS one of the cutest Halloween printables I have seen. Fun idea with the ghost table as well. I am taking notes for next year when we (hopefully!) will be living in a neighborhood that actually has kids. ;)