Monday, November 26, 2012


We don't have to wait for Christmas after-all!! Thanks to a fantastic West Elm sale and my lucky look to make sure the light I loved didn't happen to be a part of it, our Christmas gift from my Mom came early and we'll all get to enjoy it over the holidays.  I asked for your votes and thoughts in this post, and Marta was spot-on with her comment:

"I pick number 3. It has a hint of rustic feel that would match the other light fixtures but feels modern and elegant at the same time."

One recurring theme and tool in any small space planning is to choose furniture and fixtures that the eye can see beyond.  Elevated furniture, glass tables, and open floors that aren't cluttered with rugs all help achieve this goal.  So, while light #2 in the inital post was probably my favorite on it's own, #3 is fantastic for our small space.  I also wanted something with a less defined shape as we move the dining table in and out depending on the number of guests.  The West Elm Staggered Chandelier does a great job of "moving" with the table and the open arms don't stop the eye.  I also like the soft diffused light these shades put out.

I'm hosting two holiday gatherings in the coming weeks and I'm so excited for the new light and mirror and how they pull this space together.  Thanks Mom!!

Finally, here is the dining space when we looked at the house.  It's amazing the big impact small differences can make.........


almost after


  1. That is a big change! I'm so glad you got your present a little early. :)

  2. Good choice (and good thing you didn't listen to me) - it looks great! Such a transformation.