Monday, November 12, 2012

wrapping under a rock?

Though I've long LOVED wrapping Christmas gifts, I believe I've been doing it under a rock.  I have for several years now, used double-stick scrap-booking roller tape (when I'm at home and have it) to make seamless tape free closures.  Only yesterday did it dawn on me that the same tool could be used for perfect bow placement!!  With just a little "blip," if you will, here and, you can set any ribbon or embellishment to stay wherever you like.  I used it yesterday for gross-grain ribbon, curling ribbon and raffia.  Just a friendly tip as the wrapping season begins in case you also have been under a rock all these years :).

The definition just gives the bow life, don't you think? 
 (thank goodness my mother doesn't read this blog)

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  1. If you are already wrapping Christmas presents, I might cry. (So, if you are, don't tell me.) Great tip!