Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HOMEGOODS History Lesson

If you are unfamiliar with TJ Maxx's sister, Homegoods, do yourself a favor and meet! I have long loved this store and love that famous designers and celebrities alike often sing it's praises.  More than once Homegoods has taught me an important history lesson, "if you do not buy this thing you like TODAY, it will be GONE tomorrow!"  My iPhoto library if full of pictures of things I snapped with my phone to think about or go home and measure for only to find they were gone-sometimes within hours.  So dear readers, repeat after me, "if I like it, I will buy it! I can always return it!"

Thankfully I learned this lesson some time ago, so I scored on an awesome mirror for the dining room last Friday.
A little back-story first though.  I've been lusting after this bad boy for several months........

this Pottery Barn beauty is $700 big ones, or was it $800?

Whether it was 7 or 8 hundred was no matter because I wasn't willing to pay that much.  I've got a kid to send to college afterall! There were a few DIY tutorials on-line but none were quite right and I discovered that to effectively copy would cost about $200 plus a lot of time.  So I sent an email to some fellow Homegood's goddess' to be on the lookout and went about my merry home-making business.

But last Friday during a quick stop because I was nearby, fate brought us together.......

My husband loved her too and said we could make room for her even if she didn't fit in her initially intended home.  (Those are big words in our Tiny Tudor!)  After a couple hours of brilliant engineering to move the thermostat, she was home.  (Have I mentioned I am blessed with a husband with a brilliant mechanical mind?  If he doesn't know how it works, he will soon enough)

I love her and she was less than half of the lowest possible DIY price. The thermostat had to be moved to the right hand side of the archway.  I'm VERY excited for how the new chandelier and paint will look with this mirror, but afraid we'll all have to wait for Christmas for that reveal.

I love how the light is reflected from the adjacent french doors and how the mirror helps define the dining space.

Here is a link to the newly-discovered Homegoods blog.  What are your favorite home-goods haunts?


  1. What is this magical store??? No wonder my house looks like junk. ;) Great mirror! I can hardly wait to see the reveal!

  2. PERFECT addition. And mirrors always help the space look larger, which is a bonus. Although I haven't been to Homegoods yet (mostly for fear of going on an unnecessary spending spree), I did notice a ton of stuff that was left by the owners of our Wichita home was from there.

  3. with all this "she" and "her" going on, i'm hoping you've given "her" a name...