Friday, January 4, 2013

coming to a close

Well, our first Holiday season in our new home is coming to a close.  Though it does seem like lots of work for 5-6 weeks of enjoyment, it was all very worth it.  Unfortunately, I started getting horrible spring fever on Christmas Eve so I am all ready to plan outdoor seating and perennial planting.  Thankfully we have some family birthdays, house-guests and Valentine's Day to tide me over as winter has really just begun. 
I wanted to share two wonderful decor gifts I received over the holidays before bidding a final adieu to the Holiday season on this blog.

I received this darling sign from my mother-in-law on December 23rd so it enjoyed some quality time on display over the holidays.  It seems it was custom made for the spot I hung it in and I love the mix of vintage and sparkle.  When my mom walked in on Christmas, she noticed it right away and before anything else. 

I spotted these pillow covers on Pinterest several months ago and a sweet new friend I count among my new blessings for 2012 mentioned that she could easily make them.  I welcomed her enthusiasm as they are something I would never endeavor and sent her the covers so she could make some for me and some for herself.  They wildly exceeded my expectations and I'm very excited to put them out next year!


  1. Both are wonderful additions to your Christmas decor! :)

  2. Love both, especially the pillow covers.