Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid-Season Mantel and the Pallet Box Problem

I've nearly settled into the glorious time when the only reminder of Christmas decor is the holiday cards I usually display until mid-February, if not March 1.  We successfully utilized attic space in our Tiny Tudor for our holiday decor which also freed up guest room closet storage for other things.  This has been a HUGE help though I may keep a small box of things in my office that were missed on the final decor walk-through, oops!

(Note: there is a A LOT of storage opportunity in our attic but the more we are up there, the more we realize we'd like to utilize the space one day for vaulted ceilings and exposed beams.  That said, I am hesitant to store any more up there as I don't want to rely to heavily on the space being available ;) Below is the picture that first made me quip to my husband, "Do we really NEED an attic?"
1)  who needs and attic? 2) is it too late to move to austrailia?  desire to inspire - - Stalking warehouses with cute little courtyards

I'm really enjoying my mid-season mantel and have a Valentine's crafternoon planned soon for a little more fun:)  I LOVE mercury glass so all of this will be staying out until spring and the frosted cranberry wreath from Nana's warehouse that I have coveted,..... well,........ my entire life, will also likely not get tucked away until the Christmas cards do.

So, the pallet-box problem is this, What do I do with it now?  While all the holiday inserts would still be quite suitable, the pine boughs are very crispy and less aesthetically appealing everyday.  

I want to start herbs in it in front of the kitchen window in the spring but I fear it's much too cold there now for anything to grow well.  It would look quite lovely on the slightly raised hearth next to that trio of candle-holders, but what does a girl put in her pallet box in January and February??  Please help, dear readers!  Thank you in advance for your brilliant and creative ideas.


  1. I, being of somewhat sound mind and zero decorative skill say red and white snowflakes, and/or pink and red x's and o's to go with the white candles and pine cones. Now, go do something fabulous and inspire me. :)

  2. That exposed beam pic is TO DIE FOR. Loving what you've done with the mantel, it is very beautiful. I'm loving mercury glass as well lately (took a while to grow on me) and how neat that wreath was from nana's stash. I think herbs would fare just fine. All they really need is sun and water. On the super frigid days/nights you may need to move it away from the drafty windows, but other than that I would give you the green light to start planting. (Being the great garden expert that I am...not ;))

  3. I, too, love the post-holiday mantel. The wreath is fantastic and so great that it is sentimental. As for the pallet box, I initially thought some fun handmade (or handmade looking - you know, with exposed stitching) stuffed hearts of different Valentine's Day colors and varying sizes might be festive and out of the ordinary. Plus, Ben would love getting them out, piling them up, rearranging them, etc. Perfect to nurture that Nate Berkus-esque creative side. :)

    1. Brilliant!! And a perfect cold- weather craft with no sewing machine required. I like Ang's idea about X's and O's also and I can tie it all in with that crafternoon craft.