Thursday, January 31, 2013

a tiny update for the Tiny Tudor

So, there has been this little, tiny, no-one else on earth would ever notice, thing that has bothered me since about week 3 in our house.  I strongly dislike the glass shades on our bathroom light fixtures.  Really they are perfectly wonderful and nothing anyone would ever find offensive or even remarkable for that matter, but they have bothered me none-the-less.  The frosted tulip shape would not be my first choice but the rest of the fixtures suit me fine so I have often thought about just replacing the glass.  It's a tiny change that no one would ever even likely notice, but for less than $20, I can walk into the bathrooms without wondering about changing them!  So I popped into Home Depot on a whim yesterday and got some samples to try.  One won't fit at all so that left only 2 to choose from.  Knowing we might someday change these whole bathrooms means I don't want to put a lot of time or money into this, but this is a little change that will have a big effect every-day for me.  The upstairs ones are very similar but are sconces on either side of the mirror.  I don't want to show the rest of this bathroom as I want to paint it in the next month and do a before and after so a little peek is all you get. 
So, I'd like your help!! Which do you prefer, (and current is not an option) the clear or frosted glass?  I think I'm decided and they will be different for upstairs and downstairs, but I'd love to hear what you all 4 think!  Thanks in advance for your input!

as they are now

clear, frosted, current

clear (lights off)

frosted (lights off)


  1. Frosted.

    Btw, you are about 82x more productive than me right now. Well, really, all the time. But, you are really kicking my butt right now. :)

    1. It's not that I'm more productive, it's that I've given up! Picking up after Ben is a non-stop job so I've just stopped and do it lots less frequently. I really can't get anything done without him undoing something else I've done, so I've learned to let it go, (while my ulcer grows and grows. :) Don't even get me started on the dogs!

  2. I truly do like them both, but am oddly drawn to the clear - tough choice, but I think it will look great either way. PS - you are crazy for even letting something like this plague you so :)

  3. I like the frosted one! :) I'm so the same way, Jess.. sometimes even the smallest changes like that make a huge difference, even if its a difference noticed only by you!