Monday, February 18, 2013

forcing some green

Today is President's Day. February. Not. Spring.  I think the lack of green around is driving me extra crazy because so much more stayed green all winter (including our lawn) when we lived in Wichita.  Now that Heart Day has passed and I can take the hearts out of the pallet box, it's time to plant some herbs.  My Mom kindly dropped off some liner pots for me and a planting I will go.  

Upon starting this project I instantly thought that these pots would need some markers.  I also thought about how prominently they will be displayed in my kitchen (read: take up LOTS of counter space.)  So I jumped onto Pinterest and saw just how domestic diva-ly challenged I am.  I do not actually own a metal stamping set or have a supply of copper in my craft room as it seems many people must. 
Anyway, there are some really fun and beautiful seed markers available in the world.  I will post a few of my favorites today and in a few weeks when my seeds sprout, I will reveal whatever solution I come up with.  My hope is for somewhere in the middle of sharpie on popsicle sticks and hand stamped copper. :)

Herb Garden Markers / Plant Stakes - A Set of 3 ceramic garden markers 
These ones from Etsy are 3 for $21.

Customized Garden Markers, Hand Stamped Aluminum Herb Markers, Set of 8
These aluminum ones on Etsy are 8 for $32 and can be customized however you like.

DIY garden markers

Both of these are links to nowhere on Pinterest but both claim to have "easy" DIY tutorials.  I guess for people with kilns or metal shops they would be easy indeed!

Hand hammered garden markers. Copper keeps the slugs away.


  1. Those aluminum Etsy ones are TDF!

  2. ^^ I agree! I also like the ones you pinned yesterday! I had popsicle sticks the first year and got pretty ones, that I haven't used (for shame, for shame) as a gift the next year. Happy gardening!