Sunday, February 24, 2013

art project

I'm not sure if family portraiture counts as art but choosing and arranging pictures for a new canvas gallery in our basement family room is about as fun as domestic projects get.  As soon as we got our pictures back from the photographer last fall,  my head started spinning about a way to utilize this space to display the pics.  The ceiling is low above this table so choosing wall decor was a little tricky.

A holiday gift I received quickly revealed the sizes and spacing I would use, so I just had to choose photos............

The worded canvas was the gift and I love how the orange LOVE ties in with the orange crest in Ben's sweater and the leaves in the bottom photo.

I can't stop smiling each time I walk into this room.   The platter in the center of the table was one we purchased in Panama at a friend's wedding and I love it's new home and how the colors work here.  There are hints of orange in the coffee table tiles in this room and gray and white floor pillows so it all works together really well.

*I need to make a note about these canvases.  I ordered them through the photographer that took these photos and they were somewhat more expensive than canvases I had ordered in the past.  They were worth every penny!! The quality was incredible and like nothing I've seen on a canvas before.  I would highly recommend seeking out this high-quality printing and mounting if you are choosing canvases for your home that you think you'll display for an extended time.


  1. This is really amazing! It looks straight out of a magazine. Your style= amazing!! :)

  2. Love it! Can I ask where the canvases are from? I use for mine + I love their printing, but I'm always interested in searching out other options! :D

    1. I ordered them through Brooke Graves the photographer who gets them through a photog trade site ( not Mpix). I'm sure she wouldn't reveal her source to protect her pricing and you'd probably have to have an account with a certain volume. Mpix is fantastic as well though!