Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Small World and small gifts

Last night my husband got a call from the childhood friend who grew up just two doors away from him.  We had heard through our mothers that this friend and his family were moving nearby.  Little did we know just how near they meant.  Their family moved in just one block north and few streets over! They have two little kiddos, 2 and 4, and it's crazy to think Ben and their kids will likely attend school together just as this friend and my husband did.  
Well, this news prompted me to think about all the wonderful welcoming things I should be baking for this old friend.  Unfortunately, we have a really busy week with a road trip this weekend, so I let Pepperidge Farm do my baking.  I made another little gift for some people we'll be bombarding with our presence on our road trip.

Anyone who has moved with toddlers knows the Calm tea is a must!

I'm hoping this little number gets me in the good graces and allows me to steal these hosts' new grandson for a bit. :)

I also had two more little gifts on my to-do list.  After helping my sister with these adorable bridal shower favors last week,

The bride and groom's names were on the other side.

I was inspired to make something for Ben's TEAchers.  As I sat in silence (dangerous) putting the shower favors together, my mind started spinning with clever PUNs to give tea as gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.  I actually cracked myself up a few times.  I came up with these for the present season and beginning of school and think they turned out really cute.

My sister got her tea at TEAVANA, where you can choose your own loose-leaf blend and they sell all the supplies for bagging.  I think this also be cute with clever things just glued over more common store-bought tea.  All of these gifts combined totaled about $35. Any clever ideas my readers want to TEAse me with? You could really have some fun with some of the Celestial Seasoning blend names.  Cheers to leaves and brown and orange and hot tea season being nearly upon us!


  1. These are ADORABLE! Please can I be Ben's teacher. The only thing I've ever gotten (at this job) is eggs. That I paid for. :) Oh and a couple of thank you notes that I treasure beyond measure.

  2. Omg, I am just seeing this post. You are so thoughtful, but we all already knew that. :) I adore those teacher gifts, very clever. I'm sure they were much appreciated.

    PS - The Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies were TDF!