Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Gesundheit!!  No, it's not a sneeze, just another oddly named Ikea product.  It has been mind-boggling how many Ikea products we have purchased recently as most people try to move away from it rather than back to it in their 30's and 40's.  The sad but honest truth is that no one gives more options for small-space organized living than Ikea, and at great prices too.
Today I wanted to share a quick post about a space-saving great that would work for even the non space-challenged.  

Ben's jammie pants are drying after he tried to hop in the shower with me:)

The Skoghall over-the-door laundry bag has been amazing for us.  We no longer need bulky laundry baskets taking up space in both our closets and the dual compartments make sorting a breeze.  Additionally, there are no more clothes left just outside the basket leaving me to wonder whether they are clean or dirty.  We are talking full-fledged commitment here people! And my boys pre-sort the laundry for me too!  Sadly, you can't get it online but if you venture to a store it is about $10 and available in black, red and white.

(afterthought-eeeeee! talk about airing your dirty laundry for all the world to see!)


  1. I hate hampers, and love this idea, but I would need a much bigger bag as rarely do I get to laundry during the week. :/

    1. Please ignore my awful sentence. I've been doing math all day. :)

    2. They actually hold quite a bit. I can vouch that 2 weeks will fit:).