Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Fall Friday

Technically Fall is not yet upon us, but in the Heimer Haus it is.  Fall has long been my favorite season and as my petunias were looking a little stringy I was anxious to get some mums on the porch.  
As I sorted through my fall decor, I did notice how a smaller living space meant fewer places to grace with leaves and acorns and pumpkins, oh my!  What I do love so far about decorating a smaller space is that most things I do put out are my favorites and subtle touches go a long way.

These little pumpkins that used to be high and far from view must go! Only the real deal will suffice in this case and the plastic is awful.  I just didn't realize how awful until I took pics.

I also have my eyes on one little addition. :)  As it is my goal for our dining room table to no longer house any papers (see future post: family command center), I want Ryan to whittle me this little number.  I'm thinking it would work great with little fingers to corral the decor and also would be easy to change throughout the seasons.  I could even use it for fresh herbs in front of the kitchen window when spring comes.

So, throngs of loyal followers, what's your favorite season? and what would you change about my fall decor so far? Pumpkins on the porch? More leaves on the mantel? Let me know!


  1. Great photos! I would definitely vote for more leaves on the mantel.

  2. Hooray for fall! That first picture is absolutely beautiful and captures the season perfectly. Yes to more leaves on the mantel. Yes to pumpkins and gourds on the porch. Other than a big Husker football rock on the step, those are the only things possibly missing. However, it looks great as is, too. :)

  3. My favorite season is usually the current one, lol. How about some berries around that mirror on the mantel? Seriously, I have no idea. I don't even decorate besides a door hanger. (Right now it says Happy Fall, Y'all.) I desperately need help with all things style. Also, I second a Husker football rock.