Friday, September 21, 2012

choose carefully

Another great part of downsizing that I've already realized is that the things I choose to put out and on display are really important things.  I have a bowl we got in Mexico and a wood platter from Panama in the living room, and every time I see them they spark memories of those travels.  I think in our larger home, some of those things got lost in the clutter or stored away for special occasions because there was room to store and rotate things.
One little charming area I've utilized is in our hallway and we think it used to fold down as a seat for talking on the phone.  One day we will dive in and open it up.  When we moved in, what to put in this little niche really tormented me.  
While cleaning out my grandparents home this summer, I found a prayer that I had always remembered being on display and that I think my catholic grandmother got on her trip to Rome. It's a prayer I've always loved, but the fact that it was Grandma's is where the meaning is for me.  I brainstormed over and over about how to frame it bigger to hang in the niche.

One day while carefully moving the pottery Ryan and I got on our own trip to Italy it hit me!


 I have thought about hanging or adhering the prayer more securely but Ben takes it down a lot and as I have driven home how special it is, he just kisses it and sets it back gently.

The "plate" is used in Italy for money exchange.  For example when you pay at a register, you set your money there and they place your change and receipt.  We toured the factory in Deruta where it was made and bought this and a matching biscotti jar that is sitting on the kitchen counter and might just stay there.

I think that when we paint this hallway I will go a few shades lighter on the inside of the niche and the shelf below for contrast. I'm also on the lookout for a knob made in Italy for the fold-out below.

This morning my new cousin posted a FB status regarding the recent loss of her grandfather, "Sometimes its okay to smile and have a few tears."  The best part about that prayer in the hallway is that both the smiles and the tears come more often.


  1. Looks perfect! And you now have more things hanging on the wall than we do. ;)

  2. Very sweet. Great pop of color with the plate.