Tuesday, September 18, 2012

dining light

Well, this post may need a re-post when I make it big and have more than 1 official follower, but I am calling on you dear readers to give your opinions about a new dining light.  We have made a recent large purchase for the house (post forthcoming) so this light may have to be at the top of my Christmas list but there are only 97 shopping days left.
I didn't care for the current light when we bought the house but knew I could live with it for a little while.  I then saw it was the cheapest light of it's type at Home Depot and have liked it less and less since.

So, keep in mind that the walls will be pewter tankard

and the living room sconces look like this

....and space is not in surplus.  I will share tips I've learned and some things that seemed intuitive about making our space feel bigger in future posts, but for now I'd just love your opinions on which light you love most.

I also don't know what, if anything, will be on these two walls and it would be a bonus if the light we choose could someday be moved and utilized in a larger eating area.

And the runners' up are:






So, pick one, any one, or maybe 2 or 3.  Let me know why you like it too please.  Also keep in mind that all of these are similarly priced.  Thanks in advance for the input!!


  1. 2 and 3 are easy faves. just not a fan of styles 1 and 5. can't articulate it well, but just not into them. i am intrigued by 4, especially for your space, but would like to see dimensions/it in person before i cast a vote for it. i think 2 and 3 fit your taste best. 3 is a better pick for growing into a bigger space, but i like the way 2 is singular and really spotlights a particular space in that way. okay, enough. xo.

  2. Gut reaction was #2. I like how (I think) it will mirror all of your beautiful white moulding and pop against your paint color. If I have to pick a second choice... #4 because of the similarity to your sconces... Not matching, but it goes. I'm also not big on candelabras, so you should know I am biased!!

  3. I pick number 3. It has a hint of rustic feel that would match the other light fixtures but feels modern and elegant at the same time.

  4. Number 2, hands down. (gosh, I am behind!)